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 Agile Automation Testing is Here to Save the Day


The world of technology has seen some significant advancements in software development. When speaking of development, the role of testing cannot be ignored. Therefore, to support the pace of the latest software development technologies, testing is required to be done in-sprint, bringing out the need for agile testing.

Imagine a scenario where a product like Salesforce needs to be built. The product has 1000 features, and requires a new feature release once-a-month to keep up with the competitors. Now imagine testing this product- to check if new features have not affected old features and every feature is functioning correctly. This is where Agile Development Testing was adopted. However, the tight deadlines posed a challenge to this process. Imagine testing all 1000 features within a week! Seems impossible, right? That’s what enterprise developers thought as well. To make this process flow smoother, Agile Test Automation was introduced.

How Agile Automation Testing Helps?

The process of testing needs to be accelerated to achieve quick deployment. Let’s take an example of an application developed. After the first build, the app is deployed into the market. Later it is updated, and with every update, new features are added to the application. So, the application will be deployed yet again with every new feature being tested along with the older ones. With so many features it is not possible to test every functionality manually. This is where agile test automation came to the rescue.

With effective tools, Agile Automation Testing can make testing lightning fast. These tools need a test case to be developed according to the requirements of the application to be tested. These test cases can then be run several times while delivering continuous builds. This process ensures that every step taken along the way is bug-free or if by chance a bug is introduced, then it is easily identified at the same stage where it entered the program.

In which Scenarios should Automation be Introduced to Agile Development Testing?

  • When the test cases are very complex and cannot be performed manually;
  • When the same test case is to be repeated;
  • When the test cases need to be run several times with different data and conditions;
  • When execution of the same test cases is required with different user sets;
  • When saving time is a top priority;
  • When test cases are needed to be executed with multiple browsers and environments.

How has Agile Test Automation transformed the process of Agile Testing?

  • Re-usability: Once a script is developed, it can be used multiple times. Different updates can also be made to the same script to suit the latest user requirements.
  • Speed: Automating testing introduces speed to agile development.
  • ROI: Although the initial investment cost may seem high, the advantages and ROI is both quicker and higher as compared to manual agile testing.
  • Reliability: By using scripts for testing, reliability is drastically increased.
  • Simultaneity: The same script can run on multiple devices.

Owing to the advantages it offers, automation is a blessing in Agile Development Testing. Most of the challenges faced in Agile Testing can be overcome quite easily by using Agile Test Automation.

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