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How Top Automation Companies in Pune Empower their Employees


With the software industry growing by the day, the need to attract and retain great engineers is pressing. Most companies are on the lookout for talented candidates to expand their team. After all, it’s people who build businesses. While organizations are continually conducting interviews, the conversion rate is far from satisfactory. A vital viewpoint that is ignored is that an interview is like a sales pitch and while we expect the candidates to be the best version of themselves, do we as leaders do the same? After all, the need is mutual, and we’re making a pitch as well. As leaders of two automation companies in Pune, we’d like to shed light on this subject.

So what happens after you find the right people, does the process end? Contrary to popular belief, hiring great people isn’t a solution by itself. The software industry is demanding and requires teams to be dedicated and focused on creating and delivering breakthrough solutions. And to do this, hiring the right talent isn’t enough- retention is equally important. As a product and software testing services company, we follow a few strategies to attract and retain great talent. Let’s take a look at them.

Alignment With the Company Vision

Let’s talk about hiring first. To attract great talent, you need to highlight and publicize the problem your organization is dedicated to solving. This cannot just be a catchy punch line that is good to read; it should deeply reflect your vision and mission statements. Remember that great talent is ambitious, they will join you the minute they realize that they have something impactful to solve. At both our automation companies in Pune, we ensure that everyone who comes for an interview knows our broader vision of ‘Enabling Anyone to Automate.’ We do this to ensure that candidates have insight into where the company is heading right from the start.

Allow Flexibility

Once people are onboard and your team is functional, give them the complete authority of their tasks and the freedom to innovate. You must only check on them from time-to-time and re-align them with the organizational vision whenever needed. Use your experience to help them strategize and provide guidance along the way. Don’t just motivate them to grow, but also allow them to fail. After all, we only realize the benefits of Plan B when Plan A fails. Teach your team to move past failure as quickly as they get over success.

Empower Execution

To achieve big things, you need to strive for impeccable execution on a day-to-day basis. Creating breakthrough technology or offering quality services requires dedication and sincerity every single day. For this purpose, our teams, both at our software product company, Qualitia, and software testing services company, Zensoft Services, started the practice of a Daily Standup. Every day at 9:30 am our teams come together and discuss what was and wasn’t accomplished the previous day, the challenges they faced and their plan for the present day. This way the entire team is in-sync and is working towards a common objective.

Reward and Recognize

When speaking of rewards, we don’t mean monetary incentives; even small appreciation gestures go a long way. At both our automation companies in Pune, we introduced a ‘Pat on the Back’ certificate. Whenever an employee surpasses our expectations or even attempts to do so, we award them with this certificate to boost their morale. This small gesture of recognition has worked wonders in motivating people both at our software product company, Qualitia, and software testing services company, Zensoft Services.

As mentioned earlier; it’s not just about hiring the right talent, talent needs to be nurtured, enhanced and supported by the management. This is the responsibility of leaders in the organization. Employee empowerment promotes good employee relations and reduces employee turnover. We’ve tried these strategies at our automation companies in Pune, and they’ve worked well for us. It’s time you try them too.

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