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Benefits of Code-less Test Automation


Automated software testing is beneficial for those who are trying to speed up testing and eliminate the repetitive manual testing efforts. However, even though test automation works brilliantly well to replace manual efforts, it isn’t particularly easy to automate large test suites. These tasks require both time and effort. Most automation testing tools rely on coding to automate a test scenario; this makes the process of test automation both technically challenging and time-consuming. However, this issue can be solved by using code-less test automation.

The Need for Code-less Automation

Automation experts have realized that code-less automation is the way ahead. Not only is it invariably easier but also has several other advantages:
• It is much simpler to develop & interact with the GUI script with code-less automation.
• Even users who lack programming skills can automate test scenarios.
• Complex test scripts can be maintained easily.
• Domain experts and business analysts can review test scripts.
• Test coverage increases due to the lack of coding.
• Test scripts are more accessible, and changes can be made with ease.

What is a Code-less Automation Testing Tool?

Although several automated testing tools claim to be code-less, they still need a certain level of programming proficiency to test a scenario. However, in the case of a real code-less automation testing tool a user doesn’t need any language-specific training for testing or even to change recorded test scripts. They just need to learn how to use the tool to automate a test case.

Advantages of Adopting Code-less Automation Testing


Even though open-source tools seem to be free, they require heavy investments in terms of time and finances. They need technical experts to create, run and maintain tests which end up being quite expensive. By using code-less automation testing tools, you can leverage your existing team of manual testers and SMEs to contribute to automation. This saves both cost and time.


Code-based automation requires programming skills and hence can often be tricky and complicated to use. Code-less test automation, on the other hand, has an intuitive GUI, thereby making the process of test creation faster and simpler. Thus, even a manual tester can efficiently perform test automation.

Integration Capabilities with a lot of Features

By integrating features such as test management and issue management code-less test automation can transform a testing platform into an entire test suite.

Supports Agile

Regardless of their abilities and skills, all testers, developers or even SMEs and project managers can contribute to the testing process using code-less automation.

Code-less automation testing tools are a perfect solution for both automation and manual testers to speed up their work. These tools have taken over the market owing to their ease-of-use and speed. Code-less test automation is particularly useful when it comes to agile software development process.

Market leaders use Qualitia’s code-less test automation platform for its intellectual abilities and five times faster automation speed. It’s ROI-driven approach, helps organizations develop a competitive edge with quality and by reducing time-to-market by 70%.

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