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Importance of Cross-Browser Testing Tools

Aliya Khan

Cross-browser testing is the process of comparing the functionality and design of a website or web application across multiple web browsers and platforms to ensure consistency in behavior and functionality for the end-user.  Owing to the extensive range of browsers, devices, and operating systems available today, cross-browser testing is a significant part of the software development process. The goal of cross-browser testing is to provide uniform behavior and experience across all browsers, devices, and platforms. For this reason, in today’s market cross-browser testing tools have become exceedingly popular.

Why are Cross-Browser Testing Tools Needed?

Essentially, cross-browser testing tools, test the functionality and appearance of a website or web application in various browsers and devices.  These tools are used because just as humans interpret things differently, there are times when different browsers interpret code differently as well.

The purpose of using cross-browser testing tools is to ensure that users can access all content and execute all of the essential functions on a given website or web application without any significant issues.

Importance of Cross-Browser Testing

The use of Cross-browser testing tools enables companies to provide the best experience possible to all their users. While cross-browser testing is often a pain point for development and QA teams, it is worth spending the time to ascertain that you’re covering all the browsers you support.

You can determine which browsers are being used to access your site by using web traffic data. This can help you to determine your approach and select the right cross-browser testing tool. However, even if you come to realize that a majority of your users are accessing your site on one browser, it is vital to ensure that all the major features and components are functional on the less popular browsers as well.  If as a company, you claim to support a browser, ensure that you do proper testing on that browser to avoid any issues.

Qualitia’s Cross-browser Testing Tool

Companies would agree that it would be embarrassing to deploy a big release and find out that a major piece of functionality is broken on a certain browser or device. If you’ve spent a while looking for the best automation testing tool that performs cross-browser testing effectively, then Qualitia’s script-less test automation platform is the solution for you. It reduces time-to-market by 70% and helps increase the productivity of testing teams by 3-5 times. Qualitia also functions as a Web services and Mobile application testing tool. Its smart abilities provide end-to-end testing, which means you can spend more time innovating and evolving your product while being rest-assured about quality.

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