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Preparing for the Future of Automated Software Testing

Aliya Khan

As an automation company, we thrive on advancements in technology. But as exciting as technological advancements are, we can’t enjoy their true taste until we look back at how life was without them. So, let’s take a walk down memory lane. About two decades ago, keeping in touch required the effort of writing a letter, going down to the local post office and then it would take a few weeks for it deliver. It would then take a few weeks for these letters to get delivered. Today, it has come down to a simple click on our phones and a millisecond for the message to deliver. Mobile apps such as WhatsApp have made keeping in touch almost effortless. Isn’t this advancement of technology simply amazing?

Although mobile phones were introduced to simplify communication, over the years, they’ve ended up simplifying our lives in totality. Do any of you remember the last time you visited a bank in person? The app on our phone takes care of all our banking transactions.

Always being crunched on time, most of us even book holidays with a click on our phones. Even our daily meals at work are ordered through a food delivery app on our phone. Can you see it? Today everything is automated.

As an automation company, when we looked at test automation tools through the same glasses, we realised that they’ve been around in different forms for over 20 years. Early automation advocates sold test automation software as brightly-packaged boxes of floppy disks and manuals. These were sold with big names. As with everything else, soon enough these became outdated, and the world moved on to comparably sophisticated tools. These had a noticeably longer life and were left behind very recently by the ease and speed of the new age script-less test automation tools.

Now it’s time we get ready for the future of automated software testing. The role of automated software testing is about to undergo a dramatic change. Having been in the field of enterprise software for over two decades, we have often wondered what the automation of the future would be like. But, we believe that to visualise the future; we must first get rid of everything that constricts our thinking. When it comes to test automation, many soon-to-be-outdated practices that are being conducted in the name of automation are limiting the scope of our imagination. These include practices like:

  • Converting test cases into automated scripts
  • Creating tool-based frameworks specific to the application under test
  • Spending time and resources in integrating with other ecosystem players.

So, what is required to welcome the automation of the future?

  • Standardization of all applications and business processes
  • A reasonable level of maturity and sophistication in the use of technology
  • A mind-set and culture of automation

As an automation company, we offer a highly intelligent script-less test automation solution that will help you align the present with the future. Our test automation tool provides the synchronicity needed to welcome the future of automated software testing.

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