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Mobile Application Testing Tools are the Need of the Hour

Aliya Khan

With the rise of IoT devices, the world of software testing is experiencing a massive change. However, to understand this transformation, we must first understand IoT better. In simple words, IoT is anything that has built-in sensors and is a part of a massive network of devices connected to the Internet. It is a concept of connecting devices with turn on and off capabilities to each other or the internet. IoT shelters a wide range of devices from smartphones to wearable devices, from washing machines to coffee makers, from jet engines to doorways. From a software testing perspective, in this article we will be discussing the most commonly used IoT device- smartphones. The entry of smartphones brought with it the need for speedy and reliable mobile application testing tools.

Why Mobile App Testing Software is Needed?

Just think about it, mobile phones were initially introduced to simplify communication, but over the years, they’ve ended up simplifying our lives in totality. Do you remember the last time you visited a bank in person? The banking apps on our smartphones take care of all our banking transactions. Apart from banking services, don’t most of us also book flights and hotels with a click on our phones? Even smaller things like our daily meals at work are ordered through a food delivery app on our phones. Owing to this gigantic advancement in technology, the use of Mobile app testing software became the need of the hour.

The introduction of smartphones and mobile apps have generated new challenges for the testing fraternity. These included touchscreen gestures, location awareness, and orientation concerns. Testing a smartphone requires the data to be received from the device’s sensors as well as user input through tapping and typing. To cater to these changing needs, mobile application testing tools were introduced to aid the process of software testing.

By bridging the gap between the cyber and the tangible world, smartphones have brought about a flood of change in the way companies conceptualize and deliver their products and services. Owing to this evolution, there is a constant need for innovation in software testing. To meet pace with the rise of IoT and smart devices, Mobile app testing software has experienced an evolution as well. Testing in today’s IoT era is undoubtedly more complicated as it depends on the use of test subjects and testing in the field. This pressure has demanded QA teams to be more collaborative. While yes, the use of Mobile application testing tools aids the process, testers still need to focus on increasing their knowledge base in the new realm of testing for the Internet of Things.

Although we’ve only discussed smart phones and the use of Mobile application testing tools in this article, there’s a lot more to the world of IoT devices and the procedure of testing them is varied. Today, the demand for a connected infrastructure is growing across industries at an exciting speed pace. This is because IoT not only delivers a new dimension of services that enhance the quality of life but also raise the profitability bar of enterprises. For consumers- IoT can provide solutions that significantly boost health, energy efficiency, connectivity, security, and other aspects of life. As, in the case of enterprises- IoT can provide sustainable solutions that improve the decision-making capabilities of industries working across different verticals.

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