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Books You Need to Read on Software Product Testing

Aliya Khan

The world of software product testing is continually evolving. With new trends, software testing tools, and practices coming up every-so-often, it is vital to find a way to keep up with them. For this purpose, several books have been written, that are not only good reads but also thought-provoking.

Here are the top picks for books every tester should add to their reading list.

1. Bug Advocacy

Written by Cem Kaner and Rebecca Fiedler, this book is an excellent read for learners in software quality control. It’ll give you great insights into the process of quality management and provide details about the common bugs which are present and also offer software solutions for the same. It even sheds light on how the bugs can be reported and how stability can be introduced.

2. Humans vs. Computers

Gojko Adzic has written this incredible book. Does his name sound familiar to you? Well, because he’s co-written the infamous book, ‘50 Quick Ideas to Improve Your Tests.’ Now if you’ve read that and enjoyed it, then you’re going to love Humans vs. Computers even more.

The book describes how computers are running the world. It emphasizes the fact that it’s humans who have created computers and software, and that humans are capable of making mistakes that affect users. The examples in the book give us a glimpse of the pain users experience while fighting with computers. This will surely make you more empathetic towards them.

From a learning perspective, Humans vs. Computers tells developers how to avoid their most common errors, and helps them to understand the user’s viewpoint better. With witty examples, presented as illustrations, this book is a perfect blend of funny and knowledgeable. This book is sure to change your perspective as a tester and make you re-evaluate your approach towards quality assurance and software testing.

3. Beautiful Testing: Leading Professionals Reveal How They Improve Software

A compilation of 23 essays, this book is suitable for both managers and testers as it provides instances from diverse testing platforms. Prominent personalities from the quality assurance and software testing world have written these essays. The book emphasizes the concepts of customer-based testing and gives testing options for open source projects and other technical information valuable to a tester. It also teaches the use of mini-maps for testing.

4. Dear Evil Tester

Written by Alan Richardson, Dear Evil Tester urges readers to think about testing from a different perspective. Although the advice in the book may seem edgy on some occasions, overall the book is notably useful for test engineers who are trying to make a significant change in their software testing practices. The book includes published letters and answers from the Dear Evil Tester blog, practical advice based on unpublished questions from the Evil Tester column, and essays that summarize the attitudes and responses to the letters sent to the Evil Tester. This fantastic book will surely encourage you to unleash the evil tester within.

5. Test Automation in the Real World

In this book, Greg Paskal uses everyday situations to explain how different companies implement automated software testing. He also sheds light on how to avoid automation failure. What’s great about this book is that although Paskal acknowledges the benefits of automation testing, he doesn’t delude us. He realistically communicates that in spite of all the benefits, automation can fail over time for a variety of reasons.

To avoid automation failure, he emphasizes the importance of building a good foundation for automation from the start and offers best practices to maintain a robust automation suite. Bringing in lessons he learned in his career, Paskal advises how to equip yourself for success with test automation. The best part about this book is that the lessons learned here can be applied to any automation testing tool, technology, or team.

6. Lessons Learned in Software Testing by Cem Kaner

A must-read for beginners this software testing book focuses on the common mistakes people make during the beginning of their career in quality assurance and software testing. It is a great learning resource for test managers, developers, and consultants. With live project tips to reduce the testing budget and to increase the efficiency of a test team, the book provides valuable learnings and isn’t based on a generic explanation.

7. A Practical Guide to Testing in DevOps

Written by Katrina Clokie’s this book speaks about testing in a DevOps culture and how to apply specific testing practices throughout development. Clokie speaks about some exceptional strategies for software testing. The book also has a few exercises that can be used at different points in the software delivery lifecycle. The best part about this book is that it provides real-world case studies and not mere scenarios.

In today’s world of digitalization where quality assurance and software testing play an essential role, it is vital for testers to improve their knowledge base. These books will significantly add to your knowledge of software product testing. We hope you enjoy reading them.

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