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What are Web Services Testing Tools and Why are they Needed?

Aliya Khan

Web services offer seamless connections between different software applications over the Internet. When it comes to testing, Web services’ testing tools mainly test the functionality and load aspects to monitor how a Web service performs and scales as the number of clients accessing it increases.

Testing of Web services is useful as it prevents late detection of errors, which end up being complex and costly to repair.

The detection of errors, evaluation, and approval of system qualities are essential at an early stage hence, Web services testing is vital. Test automation, in particular, helps to repeat tests as effectively and when required. Therefore, automated testing is essential for the assessment of the functionality, performance, and scalability of Web services.

The Process of Web Services Testing Involves:

  • Generating the client code for the Web service
  • Defining the required test inputs
  • Invoking the Web service using the client code
  • Verifying that the actual response is similar to that of the expected outcome

Web Services Testing Tools

By minimizing the effort involved in the initial coding, Web services testing tools help in reducing the overall cost and increase automation efficiency. Commonly these tools quickly create and execute automated functional, regression, compliance and load testing. Web services testing tools also reduce dependency on technically skilled people. In today’s fast-paced world, a quicker test cycle at lower cost is vital to stay competitive and thus a Web services testing tool that supports various technologies and allows reusability of components is the key solution to minimize the test cycle time and related costs.

Some of the important features of Web services testing tools are listed below.

Features of a Web Services Testing Tool:

  • Need-based and are customizable
  • Test suites and test cases that are flexible can be configured
  • Test script creation with minimal coding
  • Headers and assertions for SOAP requests are instantly set
  • XML requests with inputs can be parsed with ease
  • Very little or no scripting is required from the end user
  • Detailed reports and logs are provided for future action and reference.

While we all know that using a quality assurance software is a must, the use of the right Web services testing tool cannot be understated. Some of the common benefits of adopting a Web services testing tool include:

  • Improvement in performance and reliability of the SOA
  • Ease in the testing of both REST API-based and SOA-based Web services
  • Support for test execution of Web services in a cloud environment
  • 100% Functional Test coverage

If you’re looking for a Web services testing tool that improves the software quality and reduces time-to-market by 70% then, Qualitia’s script-less test automation platform is the right choice. Organizations across the globe have used it successfully in complex scenarios such as regression testing in agile development. Owing to its script-less nature, Qualitia also increases the productivity of testing teams by 3-5 times.

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