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Case Study

Superhero Style Testing: There’s always an easy way


Recently, we had the opportunity to work with one of the 15th largest firms in the USA. Qualitia was adopted by their TCoE to help them deal with a ‘perfect storm’ of challenges.

They wanted to move fast but were slowed down by the complexities involved in integrations with other tools such as Apptus. Although they had used automation several times, they had never automated integration testing. The project was moving rapidly, and 1500 business critical test cases formed the regression pack and 35 new test cases were added per sprint. They had less time to execute tests, many testcases to and even though they had a large team of manual testers, they were unable to complete everything. They had frameworks that were not portable and there was lack of optimal productivity, because they were only addressing the solution in bits and pieces. The operational cost was high and kept increasing. There was less than 10% test automation and no continuous testing, leading to less than intended coverage and slower cycle time.

Qualitia proved to be their superhero! They achieved 90% automation, 97% improvement in cycle turnaround, 95% false error drop and 40% cost savings. We wanted to share this case-study with you, and would really appreciate your feedback to help us keep improving our work.

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