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The Future of Test Automation – Webinar


Future of Test AutomationFrom Siri to Alexa to Google Search, these days AI is everywhere and is stretching its wings by the day. If you take a minute to reflect upon all the technologies we use on a daily basis, you’ll realize that AI has been integrated into our lives for a while now. It is no longer a far-fetched dream but is now a practical reality. And that holds just as true within the world of test automation as it does anywhere else.

Test automation has been around in different forms for over 20 years. Early automation advocates sold it as brightly-packaged boxes of floppy disks and manuals. These were sold with names such as Mercury, and Segue. As with everything else, soon enough these became outdated, and the world moved on to comparably more sophisticated & customized tools such as Frameworks & Selenium. These had a noticeably longer life and were left behind very recently by the ease and speed of the new age script-less test automation.

Now, it’s time we get ready for the test automation of the future. And by future, I mean 5-7 years from now. The future of test automation will predominantly be influenced by four factors:

  1. Application Evolution: Applications will require less inputs and will be able to determine most of them on their own.
  2. Technology Evolution: Technology is already experiencing a significant evolution and the use of Blockchain, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence will become more prevalent.
  3. Changing Business Scenarios: Cloud will be more mainstream; and businesses will be driven by higher intelligence.
  4. Changing Workforce: Artificial Intelligence will augment humans instead of replacing them entirely, thereby significantly increasing productivity.

In my live webinar I will be discussing these factors in-depth and shed light on how each of them will cause the evolution of Test Automation. During this webinar I will also be sharing the impact the test automation of the future will have on our businesses and how it will change the way we perceive automation today. I would like to invite you all to join me on this webinar and share your thoughts on the same. Follow the link given below to register and reserve your spot. See you on 25th October, 2018 at 6:30pm IST.

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