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    Qualitia Administration

    • Create Users, Custom Roles and Automation Project. Assigning Users to various Projects with project specific roles.

    Web UI Object Identification Using Object Spy

    • Identifying web UI objects to be used in automated Test Cases. Overview of HTML page objects and methods identifying objects. Using Qualitia’s Object Spy for identifying UI objects.

    Creating your first automated test case

    • Automation of a simple UI test case through Qualitia in efficient way.

    Task Creation and its use in Test cases

    • Creation of a Task and it’s use in Test Cases through Qualitia in efficient way.

    Executing your automated tests

    • Execution of Automated Test Case. Learning various modes of execution – Dry Run, Suite Execution and scheduled execution.

    Interpreting Test Execution Report

    • Reading and interpreting the Reports for Test Case and suites executions. Identifying test results and reasons for failures/ defects.

    Overview of dynamic web UI objects

    • Overview of HTML Page structure. Methods of identifying dynamism with web UI objects.

    Understanding XPATH (4 Parts)

    • Understanding the Need of XPath. What is XPath? Creation of Relative and absolute Xpaths for simple UI objects.
    • Methods in XPath. Using XPATH Methods for creating reliable XPath for any dynamic UI objects.
    • Axes in XPath. Using Axes for creating reliable XPath for any dynamic UI objects.
    • Creation of XPaths for special UI objects like HTML tables and Drop Down lists.

    Dealing with native and HTML dialogs

    • Creating automated test cases using objects created in earlier XPath Videos. Handling native and special HTML dialogs on Web Application.

    Skipping and commenting automated test case steps

    • Using Qualitia features like Skip and Comments efficiently, while creating and debugging automated test cases.

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