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Webinar – Qualitia Overview & Demonstration


“As a rule of thumb, manual testing should account for less than 20% of the overall testing activity; automated testing should account for more than 80%” – Forrester Wave – Modern Application Functional Test Automation Tools, Q4 2016

As release cycles shrink, and the need to test increases, Test Automation is now more important than it has ever been. But have you considered just how hard it is to automate?

Do you have the skills?

  • What to do with your team of manual testers?
  • How can you “bake in” the knowledge of the product and subject matter experts?
  • How to ensure the focus stays on achieving higher quality – not on maintaining the automation suite?

We will describe how scriptless test automation helps address these crucial challenges by:

  1. Automating testing quickly and easily
  2. Allowing the manual testers, domain experts, and subject matter experts to actively make meaningful contributions to the test automation initiative
  3. Making Test automation an integral part of their Agile and DevOps / Continuous Delivery efforts

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